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Arabic Baby Names ( Found Total - 5521)

S.N. Name Meaning Gender Origin
1 A vicenna one of the renowned intellectual figures of thr Middle ages...His lofty reputation in Europe earned him the title of ' prince Boy Arabic
2 A'dab Hope and need Girl Arabic
3 A'idah, aida Visiting, returning, reward Girl Arabic
4 A'inah Mirror Girl Arabic
5 A'ishah, aisha, ayishah Living, prosperous, youngest wife of the prophet pbuh Girl Arabic
6 Aadab Hope and need Girl Arabic
7 Aadil Just Boy Arabic
8 Aaisha Life; lively Girl Arabic
9 Aalaa benefit,favour,blessing Girl Arabic
10 Aalam world Girl Arabic
11 Aalam Ara adorning the world Girl Arabic
12 Aalamgir World conqueror Boy Arabic
13 AAli High,tall,towering,lofty,exalted,high-ranking,sublime,superior,excellent Boy Arabic
14 Aalia Exalted; highest social standing Girl Arabic
15 Aalim Learned,scholar,expert Boy Arabic
16 Aaliya high,tall,towering,lofty,exalted,high ranking,sublime,superior,execellent Girl Arabic
17 Aamaal Hopes; aspirations Girl Arabic
18 Aamina mother of Muhammad(s) Girl Arabic
19 Aamir Populous; full; prosperous Boy Arabic
20 Aamira prosperous,full of life,lrge,substantial Girl Arabic
21 Aaqiba result,consequence Girl Arabic
22 Aaqil wise,judicious,intelligent,prudent,sage Boy Arabic
23 Aaqila wise,judicious,intelligent,prudent Girl Arabic
24 Aarif Acquainted; knowledgeable Boy Arabic
25 Aarifa learned,expert,authority Girl Arabic
26 Aariff saints Boy Arabic
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