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Weight : The newborn weighs between 2.5 and 3.5 kilograms. In the first three months, the child gains weight at the rate of 200 grams per week and thereafter at the rate of 150 grams every week.

The formula for calculating the weight of a child between two and 12 years of age is as follows:

Baby Weight = [ Age in years + 3 ] * 5 in pounds, Where 1 Pounds is equivalent to 600 Grams.

Height : At birth the child's height will be between 18 and 20 inches and at the end of one year this increases to 30 inches. The formula for calculating the weight of a child between two and 12 years of age is as follows:

Baby Height = [ Age in Years * 2 ] + 32 inches.

A rough indicator can be given using following charts. Again height and weight depend on nutrition, genetics etc. But if there is a more than 20 percent variation then it is advisable to consult a pediatric.

NOTE: 1 Kilograms = 2.2045 lb
Chart for Boys
3 monts6.061.1
6 months7.867.8
9 months9.272.3
1 year10.276.1
2 years12.385.6
3 years14.694.9
4 years16.7102.9
5 years18.7109.9
6 years20.7116.1
7 years22.9121.7
8 years25.3127.0
9 years28.1132.2
10 years31.4137.5
Chart for Girls
3 months5.460.2
6 months7.266.6
9 months8.671.1
1 year 9.575.0
2 years11.884.5
3 years14.193.9
4 years16.0101.6
5 years17.7108.4
6 years19.5114.6
7 years21.8120.6
8 years24.8126.4
9 years28.5132.2
10 years32.5138.3