Modern Indian Baby Names
Modern Indian Baby Names

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603 Boys' Names found Starting with D

S.N. Name Meaning Gender Origin
1 Daafi One who expels prevents Boy Arabic
2 Daai Another name for prophet muhammad Boy Arabic
3 Daan Wise and prudent Boy Sikh
4 Daanish To be clever, foreseeing, full of knowledge and wisdom. Boy Bengali
5 Daarshik Perceiver Boy Bengali
6 Dabir Teacher, clerk Boy Arabic
7 Dacian From dacia (near rome) Boy Latin
8 Dafydd Beloved Boy Welsh
9 Daipayan Who is born in an island Boy Bengali
10 Daire Ancient irish Boy Celtic/Gaelic
11 Daire Ancient irish Boy Irish
12 Daivat Luck Boy Bengali
13 Daivey Dearly loved Boy Bengali
14 Daivya Divine Boy Bengali
15 Daiwik By the grace of god Boy Bengali
16 Daiwik By the grace of god Boy Hindi
17 Daksh A son of brahma, capable Boy Bengali
18 Dakshesh Lord shiva Boy Bengali
19 Dakshesh Shiva Boy Hindi
20 Daksheshwar Lord siva Boy Bengali
21 Dakshi The glorious Boy Bengali
22 Dakshi The glorious Boy Hindi
23 Dakshinayan Some movement of the sun Boy Bengali
24 Dakshith Lord shiva Boy Bengali

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