Modern Indian Baby Names
Modern Indian Baby Names

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452 Boys' Names found Starting with H

S.N. Name Meaning Gender Origin
1 Haady Guiding to the right Boy Arabic
2 Haamid Grateful Boy African
3 Haamid Loving (god) Boy Arabic
4 Haani Happy; delighted; content Boy Arabic
5 Haarith Plowman; old arabic name Boy Arabic
6 Haaroon A prophet's name Boy Arabic
7 Haashim Generosity; prophet's grandfather Boy Arabic
8 Haatim Judge Boy Arabic
9 Habbab Gentle, polite Boy Arabic
10 Habeeb Friend Boy Arabic
11 Haben Pride Boy African
12 Habib Beloved Boy African
13 Habib Beloved one Boy Arabic
14 Habibullah Dear to god Boy Arabic
15 Hadad Syrian god of fertility Boy Arabic
16 Hadaf Target, goal, object Boy Arabic
17 Hadar Glorious Boy Scandinavian
18 Haddad Smith Boy Arabic
19 Hadi A chief; one who guides. Boy Arabic
20 Hadir The sound of thunder Boy Arabic
21 Hadis Narration or sayings of prophet muhammad Boy Arabic
22 Hafeez Protector Boy Arabic
23 Hafi Generous Boy Arabic
24 Hafiz One who knows the quran by heart Boy Arabic

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