Modern Indian Baby Names
Modern Indian Baby Names

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551 Boys' Names found Starting with N

S.N. Name Meaning Gender Origin
1 Na'eem Pleasure, ease, tranquility Boy Arabic
2 Na'il Aquirer, earner Boy Arabic
3 Naa'il Acquirer, earner Boy Arabic
4 Naadir Dear; rare Boy Arabic
5 Naajy Safe Boy Arabic
6 Naaman Pleasant Boy Arabic
7 Naasih Advisor Boy Arabic
8 Naasir Defender Boy African
9 Naathim Arranger; adjuster Boy Arabic
10 Nabakumar Newly born son Boy Bengali
11 Nabarun Morning sun Boy Bengali
12 Nabeeh Noble, outstanding Boy Bengali
13 Nabeeh Noble; outstanding Boy Arabic
14 Nabeel Noble Boy Arabic
15 Nabeel Noble Boy Bengali
16 Nabeel, nabil Noble, handsome, intelligent, dexterous; skilled in archery Boy Arabic
17 Nabendu New moon Boy Bengali
18 Nabhan Noble, outstanding Boy Bengali
19 Nabhan Noble; outstanding Boy Arabic
20 Nabhan, nabih Noble, outstanding Boy Arabic
21 Nabhanyu Eternal Boy Bengali
22 Nabhas Sky Boy Bengali
23 Nabhayan Sky Boy Bengali
24 Nabhendu New moon Boy Hindi

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