Modern Indian Baby Names
Modern Indian Baby Names

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465 Girls' Names found Starting with B

S.N. Name Meaning Gender Origin
1 Baalak Child Girl Sikh
2 Baasima Smiling Girl Arabic
3 Baba Born on thursday Girl African
4 Babette Derived from elizabeth Girl French
5 Baby Baby Girl English
6 Bach Yen white Girl Vietnamese
7 Bachint Without worry Girl Sikh
8 Baden Bather Girl German
9 Badi'a Unprecedented, admirable, unique Girl Arabic
10 Badia Unprecedented, admirable, unique Girl Arabic
11 Badra Full moon Girl Arabic
12 Badriya Resembling full moon Girl Arabic
13 Badriyyah Resembling the full moon Girl Arabic
14 Badu Tenth born child Girl African
15 Baegana Ignorant, not related Girl Sikh
16 Bageshri Name of a raaga Girl Hindi
17 Bahamin, bahameen Spring Girl Arabic
18 Bahar Spring, prime, bloom, beauty, glory, delight Girl Arabic
19 Baharah Someone who brings the spring (or a sprint flower) Girl Arabic
20 Baharak Small spring (season) Girl Arabic
21 Baheera Dazzling; brilliant Girl Arabic
22 Bahijah Joyful, delightful, happy Girl Arabic
23 Bahira, baheera Dazzling, brilliant Girl Arabic
24 Bahiya Beautiful, radiant Girl Arabic

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