Modern Indian Baby Names
Modern Indian Baby Names

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I have put my site in very simple way, everything is self explanatory, now I'm not sure what type of help you are looking from me but if you think I can do something for you then you can drop me an email at

If you think there is any name which is not in our database then I will appreciate if you can send me that name alongwith its name and so that I can add that name in our ever growing database.

How to choose a baby name ?
Its a very difficult question to answer. It depends parent to parent. Everybody has his own likes and dislikes. But here we have put few guidelines which should be considered while choosing a baby name, Finally its your choice....and you are free to select what you like.

Random Baby Namer
Looking for creativity and inspiration in naming your new child? Tired of looking through list after list of baby names? Have fun with first and middle names using our Random Name Generator!

Check your Baby Names' Meaning
All parents like to know the meaning of a name before they finalize it for their baby. So we have put this tool in place to help you in finding a more suitable name. If you have name and you do not know its meaning then use this tool to know accurate meaning of that name.
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