Modern Indian Baby Names
Modern Indian Baby Names

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120 Sikh Boys' Names found Starting with S

S.N. Name Meaning Gender Origin
1 Saacha Truthful Boy Sikh
2 Sabad Guru's word Boy Sikh
3 Sachdeep Light of truth Boy Sikh
4 Sachdev True god, genuinely godly Boy Sikh
5 Sachdhian Absorbed in the true one Boy Sikh
6 Sachgian Having the true knowledge Boy Sikh
7 Sachsev Servant of truth, true servant Boy Sikh
8 Sachsukh One who attains true peace Boy Sikh
9 Sachveer Bravely upholding the truth Boy Sikh
10 Sadha Eternal Boy Sikh
11 Sadhu Saint, saintly Boy Sikh
12 Safal Productive, fruitful Boy Sikh
13 Sagal All, inclusive Boy Sikh
14 Sagar Ocean, sea Boy Sikh
15 Sahib The master Boy Sikh
16 Sahil Guide Boy Sikh
17 Sajan Beloved company or one's friend Boy Sikh
18 Sajjan Virtuous man Boy Sikh
19 Salaah God's praise Boy Sikh
20 Samarbir Brave in war Boy Sikh
21 Sameer Early morning fragrance; breeze; Boy Sikh
22 Sampuran The perfect one Boy Sikh
23 Samrath All powerful Boy Sikh
24 Samsher Na Boy Sikh

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